5 Female Masturbation Tips for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

5 Female Masturbation Tips for Mind-Blowing Orgasms

Is masturbation a part of your regular self-care routine? If so, congrats for taking the time to truly take care of you. If not, it totally should be. Female masturbation is not only fun, but it’s also good for you! Masturbating is a great way to relieve stress and get rid of mental and physical tension. It also helps keep your vagina healthy by increasing blood flow to the area.

Plus, masturbation helps you figure out what works for you sexually, which improves your sexy times with your partner as well. Knowing what you like helps you feel more confident in bed and helps guarantee that you’ll get the orgasm you want and deserve.

These female masturbation tips will help you figure out how to have the best orgasms of your life, alone and with your partner.

1. Give Yourself an Anatomy Lesson

The best way to up your masturbation game is to get some serious knowledge about your body. And we’re talking way more knowledge than what you learned in sex ed.

Learning about what’s going on down there makes it easier to explore all your sexy parts. And that makes it easier for you to experiment with what kind of stimulation really gets you going.

So, how can you give yourself the anatomy lesson you desperately need? The best way is to bust out a mirror and check it all out for yourself! Yes, it seems awkward to stick a mirror between your legs and check out all your bits and pieces, but it’s the best way for you to learn about your individual body.

Once you’ve got a good view in the mirror, use your fingers to help you get a better view of everything. Spread your labia so you can see the opening of your vagina. Find your clitoral hood and rub it with a finger until your clit pops up and take a good look at your clit.

If you’re already comfortable with one-handed masturbation, trying bringing yourself to orgasm while watching in the mirror. This will give you a first hand (pun intended) view of what happens when you’re pleasuring yourself.

Seeing what you’ve got going on down under is really a revelation. It’ll make you more comfortable with your own body and exploring what makes you feel good.

2. Give Penetration a Try

Now that you’ve got a visual of all your sexy parts have to offer, you might feel more comfortable trying something new during your solo sex sessions. If you’ve never tried penetration during masturbation it could bring a whole new level of pleasure.

Many women don’t try penetration while masturbating because they’re used to getting off from clitoral stimulation. In fact, many women can’t orgasm without clitoral stimulation.

But adding penetration to clitoral stimulation can result in a more powerful orgasm for some women, so trying it out is worth the effort. And even if you’ve never orgasmed from penetration with a partner, you may find that you can bring yourself to orgasm with penetration because you know your body better than anyone else can.

Start by using your fingers to gently enter your vagina. If you’re having trouble reaching, try bringing your knees to your chest or putting your legs up in the air. You can try creating friction by moving your fingers in and out at various speeds. You can also try finding your G-spot and applying pressure to that spot. While your fingers are inside, you can use your thumb or the heel of your hand to stimulate your clit.

Another great way to experiment with penetration during masturbation is to use a dildo or a vibrator. More on using toys for masturbation later.

3. Involve Different Parts of Your Body

Masturbation can be a full body experience. Many of us get stuck in a routine with masturbation where we’re only focusing on the clitoris and vagina. Obviously this works or else we wouldn’t keep doing it. But you can enhance your solo sexy times so much by stimulating other parts of the body as well.

Think about how you like your partner to touch you during foreplay, and then try touching yourself in the same way. Lightly stroke the inside of your thigh or around your pelvic mound. Caress, twist, or pinch your nipples. Touch yourself like you’re teasing yourself, creating your own foreplay for masturbation.

The sexual tension you build up touching yourself all over will make it feel so much better when you finally get around to touching your clit or penetrating your vagina. And it can help build to a more powerful orgasm.

4. Try Different Positions

Most of us are used to lying on our backs while we masturbate. This position gives easy access to the clit and vagina, so it makes sense that this is a common masturbation position.

Switching up your position allows you to try new techniques and stimulate your body in new and exciting ways.

Try lying on your stomach. You put your hand under your pelvis and use your hips to rub your clitoris and labia into your hand.

Or you can try the “hump the pillow” technique. While lying on your stomach, put a pillow or another soft item, like a stuffed animal, under your pelvis and rub up against it. This may seem like a really silly way to masturbate, but it results in some awesome orgasms.

You can also try standing up, which works especially well in the shower. Let the warm water run over your clitoris and vagina, which increases blood flow. Then slowly start stimulating your clit while it’s already warm.

Mixing up the position you’re in allows you to orgasm in ways you never have before.

5. Bust Out The Toys

Yes, your hands are your best friends when it comes to masturbation. They’ll never let you down. But they could always use a little help. That’s where toys come in.

There are all sorts of toys out there that can enhance your solo sex experiences. They come in literally all shapes and sizes, and you won’t know what you like until you try it!

If you’re new to toys, getting a small vibrator that is shaped so it stimulates your G-spot and clitoris is the best investment you can make. This type of vibrator will allow you to experiment with penetration while still providing the clitoral stimulation you might need to orgasm.

If penetration isn’t your thing, try getting a small vibrating massager that can be used just on your clit.

Vibrators, dildos, and massagers are all great toys for enhancing female masturbation.

More Tips for Female Masturbation

Masturbating regularly is a great way to put yourself first, literally and figuratively. Female masturbation is an important part of exploring your sexuality, enhancing your pleasure, and keeping your mind and body healthy.

Try these tips to spice up your current routine or to try solo sex play for the first time!

For more information about how to have the best orgasms of your life, check out our blog.

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