Mimic Manta Ray Handheld Massager

Mimic Manta Ray Handheld Massager

The Mimic Manta Ray was crafted with comfort and pleasure in mind. Its unique, ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand. The simple interface allows intense vibrations to travel to their pinpoint location or a more broad sensitive zone. However you prefer, the Mimic is your best kept secret. Feel free to keep it to yourself or share with someone close to you. 100% waterproof vibrations to enjoy anywhere. Travel lock makes your journey memorable. LED glow for when the lights go down. Discreet vibrations are a secret worth keeping.

Mimic Handheld Massager
“Explore the settings! Be adventurous, have fun! This toy is for her (and him) :)”




  1. Dear Cindies,
    I would like to purchase Mimic Handheld Massager from your store. Currently live in Grand Prairie, Texas. Unfortunately to my knowledge and research to the majority of Cindies in Dallas Metric does not have this product available.
    Your sales rep, Victoria very knowledgeable, super happy to assist me with my shopping on my last visit to your store in October. Could I place my order directly from your store with Victoria? How do we make this happen ? My husband and I are extremely excited to try out this amazing couple’s toy. I’d be more than happy to pay by credit card in order to receive the Mimic Handheld Massager.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Patti,
      Glad to hear you've had a great shopping experience with Victoria. You can order the Mimic Manta Ray easily from the "BUY IT NOW" button above which is https://shop.cindies.com/sex-toys/p/465767/clandestine-devices/mimic-plus-massager

      Let us know if you need anything else and thank you for shopping at Cindie's!


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